GHG/Carbon Footprint Assessment

An organization’s Carbon Footprint Assessment includes a measurement of all the greenhouse gases that result from the company’s operational activities such as energy use, refrigerant leakage, waste generation, employee commute, business travel, and more. This methodical procedure specifically designed around business, a carbon footprint assessment captures those activities most relevant to organizational operational structure. Carbon footprint calculation enables an organization to obtain energy and resource utilisation insight.

We comply with International Standard of Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO-14064 to carry out and deliver verifiable Carbon Footprint Assessments. More than just an inventory of your carbon impact, our action-focused carbon footprint assessment serves as a decision-making tool, highlighting operational inefficiencies as well as recommended areas for competitive differentiation.

Future Carbon’s Carbon Footprint Assessment Services:

  •     Corporate Footprint (GHG Protocol Corporate Reporting Standard/ISO 14064-1): Our team works with you to undertake a scoping exercise to identify significant carbon drivers, produce a customized model to capture data about your business, and calculate a baseline against which improvements can be quantified.
  •     Product Footprint (PAS 2050): Our team works with you to deliver a lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint report of your product or service, providing transparency for your customers’ green purchasing decisions and identifying carbon and cost hotspots along your supply chain.
  •     Event Footprint: Hosting events results in an inevitable adverse environmental impact. Our event carbon footprint assessment identifies, track, and quantify the carbon emissions activities generated by your event, pinpointing areas for carbon reduction.
  •     Footprint Verification: Future carbon has the internal resources to complete your organizational and product carbon footprint, in line with that Future Carbon serves to verify the calculated carbon footprint in accordance to ISO 14064-3 Standard as a trusted, proven third-party verifier, certifying that your calculations are accurate and meet selected reporting standards. With vast in-house expertise and experience in the field of carbon measurement, Future Carbon has helped a few recognized commercial and government organizations to quantify the carbon impact of their organization, product, service, and event. The cornerstone of our proven process entails working with the most specific data possible in order to produce complete, accurate and transparent results.

Future Carbon’s noteworthy Carbon Footprint Assessment Projects in Bangladesh:

  •     Carbon Footprint Assessment of Bangladesh Bank Head Quarter, 2015
  •     Carbon Footprint/GHG Emissions Assessment of The PALACE Luxury Resorts, 2015
  •     Carbon Footprint/GHG Emissions Assessment of The PALACE Luxury Resorts, 2014
  •     Carbon Footprint/GHG Emissions Assessment of Future Carbon Limited, 2015

Benefits of Carbon Footprint Assessment

  • Carbon Footprint Assessment is a key indicator of energy and resource unitization and therefore, helps business or organization to be energy and resource efficient.
  • Carbon Footprint is a focal indicator of environmental responsibility. It helps to identify climate impacts and lower them cost-effectively and sensibly.
  • The calculation results can be used in strategic and operative planning, constructing a climate policy, environmental reporting and planning of cost savings.
  • Carbon Footprint promotes positive, environmentally conscious company image and can boost the marketing of an organisation and its products.
  • Carbon Footprint assists to recognise profitable ways to cut the Carbon Footprint and communicate about climate matters. Additionally, it helps identifying risks of climate change to business as well as how to prepare for them.
  • For Financial Institutions, carbon footprint calculations offer valuable background information for sustainable financial planning and investment.