Energy and Environmental Consultancy

Future Carbon works to help business, organisation and government to achieve energy and environmental sustainability to reduce the GHG emissions of all associated institutional activities which have significant adverse impacts on nature. We also helps business or organization to adopt green growth by practicing efficient use of energy and reasonable environmental best practices.

Future Carbon offers:

  •     Green Project Assessment
  •     Sustainable Project Assessment
  •     Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  •     Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  •     Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP)
  •     Energy Efficiency Audit (Walk Through and Diagnostic)
  •     Management Training and Capacity Building to implement environment friendly business scheme
  •     Environmental and Social Screening of the project for DoE Clearance
  •     Energy Efficient Project Development
  •     Capacity Building
  •     Eco-friendly green product and service designing and operation
  •     Energy Efficiency Course Curriculum and Module Development