Energy Efficient Improved Cookstove (ICS)

Future Carbon has entered into the cookstove manufacturing market in Bangladesh to introduce energy efficient, less pollutant and durable Clean Cooking Solution in the country at a price that can be affordable for the rural and semi-urban communities. Our motto is to serve our consumers with the best quality cooking solutions at a price they can afford, with the quality- they deserve and with the engagement- to strengthen our relations.

Future Carbon stove’s brand name is “Shakti Chula” meaning “Energy Stove” and the core value of this branding is to provide more efficient cooking means to the end users. We are known for our energy efficiency measures/services in the market and this branding put us in the highest esteem in the relevant sector.

Performance of Stove (IDCOL Tested):

  •     Thermal Efficiency: 25.73 %
  •     Adjusted CO (ppm) Emission Level: 14
  •     Adjusted PM 2.5 (µg/m3) Level: 471
  •     User Friendliness and Safety: User Friendly & Safe
  •     Meets IWA Performance Standards
  •     50% Time & Cost Savings

Technical Aspects:

  •     Smart Design
  •     Portable
  •     Stainless Steel Body Material
  •     5.5 kg Weight
  •     Natural Draft Gasified Biomass Stove
  •     Intelligent Smoke Outlet
  •     Thermal Insulation for Retain Heat
  •     Energy Efficient, Minimum Toxic Emissions

Environmental, Social and Health Benefits:

  •     Saves minimum 50% fuel consumption in contrast to traditional stove
  •     Minimizes black and toxic smoke emissions up to 85%
  •     Modernize cooking practices
  •     Saves time
  •     Reduces cooking related injuries
  •     Improves indoor and outdoor air quality
  •     Assures better health for mother and infants
  •     Creates local entrepreneurship
  •     Improves women’s social life
  •     Leads to Women Empowerment
  •     Assures the investment returns within six months
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