Support Services in the Green Banking Sector

Services for the Banking Operation & Reporting

Any large organization utilizes an enormous amount of inbound and outbound energy and resources which have an adverse environmental impacts and higher operational cost. For an environmentally responsible sustainable business growth energy and resource use must be tracked and should be utilized in an efficient manner.

Future Carbon helps Banks and Financial Institutions to measure their operational energy and resource consumption level by calculating their associated Carbon Footprint and hence identifying the efficient way of energy and resource maximization to achieve business sustainability.

We can also assist in preparation of reports as per Bangladesh Bank’s guidelines and help to reach the targets and standards set by the regulator.

Services for Project Assessment for Green Financing

Future Carbon also helps Banks and Financial institutions to identify and assess Green Projects so that they can conduct the necessary risk assessment before investing in a project and to understand whether the project aligns with the set structure of the regulatory environment.

Future Carbon offers the following Green Banking services:

  •     GHG/Carbon Footprint Assessment and Reporting
  •     Water Footprint Assessment and Reporting
  •     Reporting Green Banking activities
  •     Green Transformations in internal Practices
  •     Energy Audit
  •     In-house green activities
  •     Green activities in financing
  •     Green Project Identification & Documentation
  •     Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  •     Environmental Risk Management (ERM)
  •     IE, EIA, EMP, SIA, General and Sector Specific Environmental Due Diligence checklist, Documentation & Monitoring
  •     Capacity building & Training
  •     Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD)
  •     Training on ESMF
  •     Technical Assistance
  •     Environmental and Social Screening of the project for DoE Clearance
  •     Consultancy service on eco-friendly green product and service designing and operation
  •     Consultancy/Advisory Service on Product Dissemination