Industrial and Commercial Energy Efficiency

The industrial sector offers tremendous opportunity for energy. Investments in the energy efficiency improvement can increase the value of ownership and reduce expenses. In addition, as climate change awareness and mitigation strategies increase, energy efficiency will likely be increasingly prioritized as a critical solution to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Future Carbon has an expert team to conduct energy efficiency assessment and feasibility study in industrial and commercial facilities to identify the energy inefficient processes and helps to improve energy efficiency in overall production and operational stages. Locally, we have partnered with Institute of Energy, University of Dhaka, to provide energy efficient solutions to industrial and commercial sectors.

Future Carbon offers the following energy efficiency solutions for Industrial, Manufacturing and Commercial sectors:

  •     Energy Audit (Preliminary Walk Through and Investment Graded Diagnostic)
  •     Green and Energy Efficient Building Consultancy
  •     Energy Efficient Project Documentation
  •     Sustainable and Green Building Design and Implementation
  •     Green Project Identification
  •     Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures
  •     In-house Green Activities Adoption
  •     Training & Capacity Building on Energy Efficiency