Low Carbon Project Development

Climate change is arguably the most significant issue facing the global community in the 21st Century. Here at Future Carbon, we focus exclusively on renewable energy and carbon mitigation projects to cater for our clients in these particular areas.

Future Carbon has already developed two national level Gold Standard CDM-PoA projects in Bangladesh and another one is in the pipeline.

Micro- scale Gold Standard Solar PV Program of Activities (PoA): Project Participant of the first ever Voluntary Carbon Offset project in Bangladesh. The project aims to generate 30,000 carbon credits (VERs) each year from an output of 11 MW of Solar PV installation over seven years period.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Gold Standard CDM-PoA Project in the Brick Manufacturing Industry: Developing a country wide Gold Standard CDM project (PoA) as the Coordinating Managing Entity (CME). The project aims to generate 400,000 carbon credits (CERs) each year and is funded by UNFCCC CDM Loan Scheme.