Future Carbon- Your Independent Energy, Carbon, Water and Environmental Advisor

At Future Carbon we are committed to achieve energy and environmental sustainability and to ensure green development. We help companies and industries to reach their potentiality through innovative products and solutions.

Our team is led by industry experts who are experienced in implementing low-carbon projects, overseas project consultancy, carbon/GHG and water assessment, financial sustainability/Green Banking solutions and policy development. Future Carbon has identified the growing need for carbon reduction in developing countries and has used its strong links in Bangladesh as a platform for the implementation of carbon offset and energy efficiency projects whilst developing carbon incentives for Bangladesh’s key stakeholders.

At Future Carbon, we have experience in implementing numerous CDM Projects worldwide and in Bangladesh we have developed two Gold Standard Program of Activity (PoA) projects in Brick Manufacturing Industry and PV Solar Home System. We care for Environment, think for Sustainable Development and we commit for Quality.

We have worked with various government, non-government, academic and commercial institutions in a consulting capacity as well as established working relationship with donor organisations.

Our experienced team can offer expert help to organisations of every size to support and educate your staff on the importance and benefits of environmental initiatives. From simple background information to complex behavioural change and leadership training, the Future Carbon team can help you make the most effective utilization of your investment.

Future Carbon offers the following services:

  •     Carbon Footprint Calculation and GHG Reduction Consultancy
  •     Water Footprint and Environmental Footprint Assessment
  •     Green and Sustainability Assessment
  •     Green Building and Project Consultancy
  •     Energy Audit (Walk Through and Diagnostic)
  •     Energy Efficiency Planning and Management
  •     Identification, Planning and Monitoring of any Green Project
  •     Capacity Building and Training of Staff
  •     Project Feasibility Study
  •     Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  •     Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  •     Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP)
  •     Carbon Market Capacity Building and Training
  •     Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project Development and Management as a part of UNFCCC’s Kyoto Protocol Agreement
  •     Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanism (BOCM)/Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Project Development
  •     Carbon Credit Brokerage (VERs and CERs)
  •     Advisory services on Carbon Finance, CDM Governance, Climate Change Policy Reform, Tariff Modelling and Implementation
  •     Energy Efficient Product Development and Dissemination
  •     Energy and Environmental Desktop Survey
  •     Sustainable Energy and Resource Management Course Curriculum Development in collaboration with government/non-government academia and policy/regulatory authorities.