Green Project Assessment and Development

We help industries, corporations, municipalities and organizations to understand, measure and communicate their sustainability efforts.

Green project assessment inspects a set of requirements that guide the development of a project’s Environmental Management System (EMS) standards. EMS guides an organization on how to conduct business operation in an environmentally sustainable manner. As the technology field grew many-fold in the past decade, it is inevitable for its players to be aware of the impact of their operations on the environment, as well as to establish management standards that promote environmental awareness. As an essential requirement, some project changed energy consumption patterns, while others even redesigned their buildings and facilities to take advantage of natural lighting or to use solar power.

The point about green project management is not that we make every decision in favour of the one that is most environmentally friendly. The point is that we start to take the environment into account instead of ignoring it. You might make most decisions the same as you do today. But there might be some decisions you would make differently. These different decisions, multiplied by tens of thousands each day across the world, can make a difference.

With any organizational change, there has to be a degree of readiness and commitment before an initiative can launch and have an expectation of success. Sustainability efforts, in this way, are much like other corporate initiatives your organization has probably experienced: quality initiatives, management restructuring, financial reporting changes, or mergers - transformations that both shift the corporate culture and require behavioural changes in staff that may or may not have completely bought-in to the initiative.

Future Carbon’s offerings in this manner include-

  •     Environmental due diligences compliance in accordance with local and international standard
  •     Environmental Audit (IEE, EIA, EMP, EMS, etc.)
  •     Project Documentation and Project Idea Development
  •     Project and Energy Management Services
  •     Energy Audit (Preliminary Walk-Through and Diagnostic)
  •     GHG Emissions and Mitigation Actions
  •     Green Project and Sustainability Assessment
  •     Project Pre-assessment and Feasibility Study
  •     Green Project Design and Documentation
  •     Green Building Consultancy in accordance with International Standards
  •     Energy and Resource utilization Assessment
  •     Implementing Energy Efficiency measures
  •     Project Performance Analysis
  •     Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Technology Implementation
  •     Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance Improvement
  •     Technology Transfer for Brownfield Projects
  •     State of the art Energy Efficient technology for Greenfield Projects