• Low Carbon Project Development

    Climate change is arguably the most significant issue facing the global community in the 21st Century. Here at Future Carbon, we focus exclusively on renewable energy and carbon mitigation projects to .....Read more

  • GHG/Carbon Footprint Assessment

    An organization’s Carbon Footprint Assessment includes a measurement of all the greenhouse gases that result from the company’s operational activities such as energy use, refrigerant leakage, waste generation, ......Read more

  • Support Services in the Green Banking Sector

    Any large organization utilizes an enormous amount of inbound and outbound energy and resources which have an adverse environmental ......Read more

  • Water Footprint Assessment

    The Water Footprint measures the amount of water used to produce each of the goods and services we use. ......Read more

  • Industrial and Commercial Energy Efficiency

    The industrial sector offers tremendous opportunity for energy. Investments in the energy efficiency improvement ......Read more

  • Energy and Environmental Consultancy

    Future Carbon works to help business, organisation and government to achieve energy and environmental sustainability ......Read more

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Consultancy

    Future Carbon’s technical team can help cater for any business to attain energy efficiency both in the industrial and commercial sector. ......Read more

  • Green Project Assessment and Development

    We help industries, corporations, municipalities and organizations to understand, measure and communicate their sustainability efforts.Read more

  • Eco-friendly Product Development

    Future Carbon’s portfolio consists of high-end energy efficient Solar Lanterns and Solar Pico Home Systems certified under IDCOL ......Read more

  • Energy Efficient Improved Cookstove (ICS)

    Future Carbon has entered into the cookstove manufacturing market in Bangladesh to introduce energy efficient, ......Read more

  • Eco-friendly Off-Grid Solar Lantern and Pico Solar Home System (Pico-SHS)

    Bangladesh lacks in reliable energy supply in the off-grid areas due to unavailability of required infrastructural development in the country. ......Read more